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In 2020 - during the pandemic - the demand for social media agencies was booming and OPIC Agency decided to create a dedicated part of the business to highly specialise in social media marketing.​

While OPIC Agency is mostly focused on helping medium to big businesses in other areas of marketing such as branding, offline marketing and strategy, The Social Experts is completely focused and highly specialised in social media marketing and all the areas related to it such as digital campaigns, influencer marketing, lead generation and content creation.


The Social Experts wants to change the way this market works. Today, the market is filled with scepticism, doubts and a constant war to lower the price. The unhealthy situation of the market put the agencies in a situation of not being able to deliver what the clients need.

Our totally transparent costs policy in synergy with our result-driven approach is the way we challenge the status-quo looking to improve our clients' experience and ultimately the market we work in.


Born in 1990, Luca was always really passionate about creating video/photos or any sort of creative stuff. 
After posting for the first time on Vine his video went viral and this is what made Luca get interested in social media platforms. He decided to see if he could replicate the success he had on Vine on Instagram and he quickly became fairly known hitting 15k in less than 6 months.
This was life-changing and after he realised how much potential social media platform has he fell in love with this world.

He was able to finally use his passion for content creation and mix it with his studies in marketing to help businesses increase their sales and online awareness! 
Shortly after he started a company with Pier Giorgio to help out brands and businesses improve on social media.

Co-Founder of OPIC Agency and The Social Experts, he is mostly focused on everything related to our office in Italy.

Born in 1985, his passion for photography and creativity started as a hobby when he was just 13 with a Zenit EM.

His professional career started with two masters in photography & cinema at "Scuola Romana di Fotografia e Cinema" followed by a lot of collaboration with famous brands and his participation in prestigious events such as Pitti Uomo, Milano Fashion Week and Cannes Festival.